Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seven Deadly Spins SPOILER

If you don't want to know, don't go any further.

You have been warned. I mean it. The goodies are ahead.

Proceed at your own risk. Don't cry to me that your surprise went kaplooey because of this.

I have to show you, I have to show you, I have to show you!!!
This is by far my favorite kit so far.
Sivia Harding pattern. Luscious alpaca/merino/silk blend.
Are you GREEN? Like with ENVY?
The Seven Deadly Spins are almost over, but you can still catch The Six Kingdoms.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warning: Existential crisis ahead

Quick update on me.

All of my New Year self-improvement gumption ran smack dab into 2 weeks of sick kids, traveling husband and budgetary angst. It was also pointed out to me that when #3 enters kindergarten in 2011 I will also be turning 40. Given, the last kid going off to school is one mighty nice present to be looking forward to, but whoa. That also means I will have dedicated a full decade to kids, cooking, laundry, cleaning and the like. All of my 30s. Gone. This is vastly different than the 2 kid plan that by now would have had me 2 solid years into re-deciding what I wanted to be now that I was all grown up.

So then my head blew up. I'm still picking up the pieces and hoping I can find a way to fit them back together.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Cabin Fever

It was supposed to be joyous mommy kids-back-to-school-week. Instead it was mutant roto-norwalk virus week. (or at least that's what the CDC tells me...) Here's the detrius:

It all started the second the big boy left the state on business of course. There has been much laundry, car upholstery scrubbing, not sleeping and soup making. A bit of a domestic marathon really. And my reward? The contents of this rumpled paper bag:

Yes, he took a tiny detour on his way home to get me my favorite ever burrito. Chorizo from La Bamba in Madison. Yum.

Stuck in a post-holiday house with sick 2nd grader and a traveling husband, what's a mom to do? SPIN apparently:

BFL dyed by Brair Rose Fibers. This is the second filling of my improvised plying bobbin contraption. Already have 3 ounces plied and skeined with more to go:

Hiding under it is freshly balled Handmaiden Sea Silk. My friend Amy is going to be in the state next week and I want to be knitting something she can touch and love. Off to disinfect the universe.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Images from the fray

Flashing back to the holiday crafting crazy for you.

I made 2 of Wooly Wormhead's Mystery Beret's (aka the Meret). Both done in rather on the bulky side handspun as I didn't have the requisite worsted. (and thus discovered I have a gaping hole in my yarn stash. seriously. I have little to no worsted!) I know it's not optimal for the lace, but hey I love them anyway. This is the one for my sister:

It's a wool blended with reclaimed sari silk from Lara at Green Apple Yarn. Sadly, Lara has moved from the glory of Saint Paul and doesn't appear to be selling her stuff right now. Is it something about Conneticut? Shame as she has a very locavore/natural dying bent I miss in the local offerings.

And this is mine:

Worked up in handspun from Aisha Celia. Lovely stuff. It's like a muted rainbow.