Sunday, June 08, 2008

...and so it begins

Friday marked the big kids' last day of school, so we are now officially 2 days into summer vacation and life is indeed looking rosy. I love the ripe prospect the beginning of summer holds. Plans and ideas are running about absolutely higgledy piggeldy amok in my temporarily unburdened brain.

Our CSA has had the rough end of Minnesota's lack of spring and crazy early start of serious storm season, so weekly deliveries that in better years began weeks ago should start Wednesday if the fates smile upon us for a few more days. I absolutely CAN.NOT.WAIT. Opening that box and delving into the mystery bounty within is the best weekly treat ever. makes my day every single time. So to tide us over #1 and I ran to the Saint Paul Farmer's Market this morning. Today's haul:

Asparagus...GROWN IN MN!!! This is a first for me, and the result of several long year's TLC for the grower. It's amazingly sweet and tender.
Picked this morning pea shoots, mixed lettuces and red spring onions.
Pasture raised chickens and their beautiful eggs.
JalapeƱo cheddar brats.

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