Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yet one more reason... pay a bit more to eat LOCALLY.

Melamine. In milk. Seriously. That has to be dissolved in formaldehyde or tother chemical base before it can be dissolved in milk. One official postulates that before that they used animal skin or urine to boost the protein content of the milk they watered down to boost their production.


Before reading this morning's paper, which contained an Associated Press article on the latest in consumer health crises in China, I assumed this was a phenomena isolated to the country in question.

Not so it appears.

Said article says Starbucks is pulling their milk.


While there is not further elaboration, I would assume this means that Starbucks, the bastion of Americana cafe culture, uses milk imported from CHINA in their stores.


Yet one more thing to add to the ever growing list of "Evidence that Americans are Losing their Minds".

How does someone at a company of this stature decide it's a good thing to import their milk from overseas? Again with the assuming, but my guess is this has something to do with cost...and I will counter with the idea that the food that is supposed to nourish your body isn't really where you want to search out the rock bottom pennies for a gallon price. And at that rock bottom price, what kind of farming culture are you supporting? Farmers scraping by on the nothing you are giving them for the product of their family's labor. And I don't even want to think about what that means for the animals.

It's called personal and corporate responsibility people. Open your eyes. Know where your food comes from.


knitting dragonfly said...

I know it's scary, on a brighter note, I am looking at your etsy shop. OOOO yummy.

Meg said...

Do you remember the dog food issues a while back ... contaminated with ... yep, you guessed it ... melamine! some died and they recalled all that dog food. And as I recall ... they ingredient that they tracked it to was an additive from China. Guess they had to do something with the leftovers. It is so sad what passes for food these days. I'm glad you use a co-op.
love ya!!!

TheBubbo said...

what honestly stuns me about this whole situation is that a group of people came up with this scheme and never bothered to wonder if they might get caught? After the dog food thing you'd think it would have been obvious that large amounts of something that makes consumers ill will probably get noticed! And milk! for babies! hell yeah people are gonna notice and scream and you will be hunted down.

3anklebiters said...

responsibility is not valued by the corporate world. i couldn't agree with you more. thanks for saying all of this.