Friday, November 07, 2008

Let's run in circles, shall we?

Yes, there has been a much dreaded dearth of blogging. Not that I haven't wanted to. My intentions of blogging each and every day remain pure as the snow falling outside of my window right now. It really is not my fault. Let's take this next week as an example. Here's the rundown:

Friday (or what remains of it): dig hockey helmet out from dregs of basement, pack bag for #1's sleepover, wrap b-day gift, begin dinner prep, pick up kids #1 &2 from school with #3 in tow, get #1 to sleepover, #2 to birthday party at skating rink (remember to bring previously mentioned helmet), return home with #3 to get chicken in oven and potatoes boiled before picking #2 up again to skeedadle home to mash potatoes and make salad, eat dinner, bathe children, clean kitchen, spend quality time with hub watching TV while folding about 20 loads of laundry, collapse.

Saturday: attack yard full of now soggy leaves if it is neither snowing or raining, wrap b-day gifts for neighbors, pick up #1 from sleepover before heading with her and #2 to hockey, hopefully have some quality knitting time on items for silent auction while freezing my ass off in said hockey arena, dash home with #s 1&2 just in time for neighbor kids' b-day party, pack overnight bags for #s 1, 2 &3 during party, reclaim all kids and get them to grandparents hopefully with time to spare for a shower before 7 pm party. crap, need to make 2 sausage mushroom strudels in there somewhere...

Sunday: fight off hangover while reclaiming children, rake yard full of leaves that have again accumulated overnight, clean out gutters, find boots and snowpants leftover from #2 that better fit #3 now buried in the basement, and all of the usual meal associated stuff, homework, prepping for the rest of the week which highlights:

Monday: grouping of auction items, fighting with #3 over napping, #1 after school drama club
Tuesday: class for #3 in a.m., parent day at school for #1 &2, auction meeting in p.m., something for the hub that I cannot now remember
Wednesday: frantic cleaning, hub heads out of town for interviews, #1 has drama club after school again, my sis comes to visit which hopefully offsets the impact of daddy being gone.
Thursday: inlaws come, #1s dress rehearsal, evening meeting at school, hopefully hub comes home and kids stop revolting.
Friday: 7:30 a.m school meeting, 9 am PTO meeting, entertaining of inlaws & sis, early family dinner before #1s school play at 6:30 (go travel agent #1!), more extended family time hopefully involving a few cocktails before I eventually collapse into a puddle.

So. Do not expect much of me for a bit, eh? For being so understanding, I shall reward you with pictures:

I have several new scarves I love:

Amy Singer's Montego Bay Scarf.
Handmaiden Sea Silk. YUM!
Seriously, it wraps around my head like 6 times at least.

This is a rogue stumpy modification of an Annette Petavy pattern.
Arucania alpaca with a fabulous button from Jenniethepotter.

These are Pam Allen's Fresco Fair Isle Mitts worked with 2 colorways of Noro Silk Garden. I'm supposedly making them for the kids' school's community auction. We'll see how that goes, though I think I'll easily get 3 fraternal pairs out of them so perhaps I can spare a few. Serious YUM. And I'm now addicted to Fair Isle I fear...

...and lookie what my friend Jennie brought me from Rhinebeck! More Briar Rose fiber!!! And a fabulous hook Chris' husband Roger is now hand turning. Fabulous!!!

...and more goodies this time from Toronto. I just have the best friends evah. You hear that Amy? Evah! The gorgeousness in the bag is SILK ROVING. (deserving of every single capital) And Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula even! Swoon! Top it alloff with a luscious chunk of dark chocolate with candied orange rind and I'm in heaven! Thank you (5828456273) Jennie and Amy.

More crafting for the auction. In school colors. This one may push me over the end-weaving cliff. Patience is not my virtue.

...and the Tomten I most likely won't finish in time for #3 to wear before spring.

A better picture of my Wavelength scarf. Now washed and blocked so the Noro did that fabulous thing only Noro can do and it's sooooo soft now!

...and it's moebius version.

WHEW! That comes close to catching up. Off to find the hockey helmet...

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