Sunday, February 01, 2009

mitts, mitts, mitts!

I knit 3 pair of fair isle fingerless mitts for holiday gifts. 2 for teacher gifts, 1 for my sister. Was running so last minute compounded with lifeless camera batteries led to a lack of documentation. I've only this in progress pair to show. Used 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite, so they were all very fraternal, but so very stunning. The pattern was Pam Allen's Fresco Fair Isle Mitts from Winter 2008 IK. There was enough left over for some mitts for m'self even. Who knew Noro could be so economical??? Frantic holiday knitting firmly behind me, I started a pair based on Julia Vaconsin's Basic Fingerless Mittens pattern on CrochetMe. As this was fingering vs. her aran weight, I fiddled with the maths a bit. Started with 10 more stitches then worked 3 more reps of the increase at the gusset. And I added stripes. LOVE. THEM.


Melanie said...

I found you on Cafemom and I decided to follow you as I am in love with Crocheting!!! I haven't tried to knit yet because for some reason im scared of it! LOL

I hope you dont mind that I am following your blog! You can follow mine too but its not really about crocheting its more of my loss of a baby and much more...

Stacy said...

Love the mits, I haven't been brave enough to try something that advanced yet. I am still stuck on scarves and blankets. I did a few hats, but not in the round. The round frustrates me. Any tips?