Monday, April 27, 2009

...yeah I know. But I'm here now!

OK, so there was yet another blogging black hole...but good reasons this time!

#1: My neighbor returned my copy of The Time Traveler's of my favorite books ever and one I had no clue I had loaned to her. Of course I immediately sat down and cracked it open. Proceeded to read ravenously until it was done. Oops.

#2: Sock Madness. Busy, busy, busy knitting.

#3: Gus.

Sun on ceramic = gooood in puppy land.

Emma has come to terms with him...but he still startles her at times.

Boy and dog.

Girl and dog.

Crocheter and dog.


Judith said...

Dogs have a habit of taking over your life don't they. We took in a stray dog, she is so lovely and cute. Now she rules the roost telling use it's time to take her for walks and the like.

zmoon said...

Nice to meet you! Just found your blog and love the way you convey your thoughts. Some things really touched me.....about your sister (hope she's OK) and loved your comment about Wii taking over. Ha! So true. I don't know if there's room for one more obsession in my life. :D Anyway, I've added you to my blogs and look forward to reading more from you.
zmoon (suzi)