Thursday, January 04, 2007

And already with the slacking!

"Link o' the Day" sort of gives you the idea that there will be one daily, eh? Here we are 5 days in and that has just not been the least yesterday it wasn't. So, for your clicking pleasure, here's a double whammy:

Yes the rumors are true, Clay Aiken has been spotted on Craftster. (not to mention his gang of amigurumi fans)

And I believe this is going in the line-up, cause it's just too yummy not to be. Cozy, cozy cozy.

Sorry for the brevity, but this whole knitting lesson thing has taken over my brain. The anxiety is building and I'm obsessing about finding resources.

I hope it's a go, because now I'm thinking the baby's b-day blanket could be a bunch of knit strips that I crochet that crochet into a knit edge? Help me out people, enquiring minds want to know.

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