Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What's hookin' up this year

Yes, there are already plans. In fact there are new WIP...just for me...all for ME!

It all started with the new episode of Unwound. Kelly's new listener poll has to do with 2007 fiber resolutions. Got me thinking about what's in my line-up this year:

This is already in progress: (the pic is linked to what is today's crochet du jour: the pattern on CrochetMe which has neat pics of how it can be worn as a shrug, scarf, etc)

But made with this:

Which is the Lisa Souza Superwash Sport Merino in the Violet's Pink Ribbon colorway. YUMMY! Since the pattern is originally for worsted worked with an I hook, and I'm using a D, I'm planning to make several linked into a meditation/healing shawl. (my Kundalini Yoga jones is a whole 'nother matter entirely...) I was just starting the heavy middle ring, but have figured out I mis-read something and will have to rip back. No bother, it's working up very fast and is very fun. In fact, am liking it so much I may make a second for a friend. The vibes off this yarn are GREAT.

And I think I've figured out what to do with the newly ripped, used to be the body of a Sweet sweater yarn:
To recap, it's handpainted cotton and the skeins are very diverse in their shading, making it tough to work in sweater form.

This is the Leaf Cocoon from the Spring 2006 Interweave Crochet:

I wish they had a pic of the back, it's worked in the round and very cool. I think the openwork will suit the variation nicely and I plan to use the darker/more intense skeins for the darker blue bits. FUN!

Then I have 2 major WIPs left from last year...the flower motif blanket for my daughter and my Cinnabar coat. There's the baby blanket for #3's 1st b-day coming up in Febrary too. OYE! That's already 5 projects and we're only 2 days in to the year, and I haven't even gotten around to my other fibery news:

Sit down.

I'm taking beginning knitting with my mom on Sunday...then have a lovely week of jury duty in which to practice. YIPPEE! Sweaters and socks will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

And I have a drop spindle and fiber on their way from The Fold. YIPPEE SKIPPEE! There's just something so great about the words "hand spun", isn't there?

So wish me luck my lovelies, I'm off and running...as usual in 5 million different directions.

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