Monday, June 18, 2007

Lost in Summer Vacation...

Wow, totally blindsided by the black-hole-ish time sucking effect of having all 3 kiddos home all day. Though conversely, right now 6 pm seems to take approximately 2.35689 days to arrive. Quite a conundrum. Not enough time, yet the time I have I want to move oh so much faster. I am literally crawling out of my skin at the end of the day from complete sensory overload. Now I know why people paid the big bucks to crawl in those sensory deprivation tanks. Dare to dream.

So when y'all check in and I'm not round 'bouts, think sprinklers and real honest to goodness full sugar fruit punch kool-aid popsicles with these 3 rug rats, if I'm lucky that day anyway.

I have spent some bits of time in the evenings attempting to work on various projects. (when there haven't been a couple of beers after dinner that is...and I have a new summer fave, but more on that later...) Both ripples are stalled for reasons related to heat and humidity and lack of yarn. Difficult to motivate to go yarn shopping for a heavy, body encompassing project when it's 90 every day. UGH. They may be languishing for awhile...

I did whip up a bag off the top o' my head for a teacher gift.

Quite pleased with the results, and this time I did manage to take notes. Took a few hours to crochet once I figured out what I was going for. And how very much do I l.o.v.e. SWS? Felts/fulls/whatevahs like a dream in no time. Will transcribe said pattern post haste.

OK, just don't hold your breath, OK? I tend to be quite a bit over-optimistic about my abilities these days. The poor ripple blog is sadly neglected. I haven't done more than poke my nose in Ravelry in weeks. And let's please not talk about how very far behind I am in podcast land.

Have also been playing in a couple of scarf circles with my friends from the Lime and Violet message boards. May I heartily opine that this is the PERFECT project for a new knitter? Do you know what I'm talking about? You knit 6 inches of a scarf, pop the stitches live onto waste yarn and send it of on a grand adventure. You send it to someone that does another 6 inches and sends it off to another knitter and on and on until your scarf comes back to you 6 feet of multi-yarned, multi-patterned wonderfulness. And the scarves started by all of those playing along filter slowly to you as well, so not only is there knitting, but there's MAIL too! What more could a gal ask for?

Seriously, it's like swatching with a purpose. Not only have I dabbled in lace (yep, I can ssk, psso and yo with the best of them now), but I did CABLES. With a cable needle. And I didn't poke my eyes out, or even want to poke my eyes out.

With that project in mind, headed to the library today in hopes of finding some kind of stitch guide, since I don't have one adn I hit the jackpot....the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 1. I'm in love. I'm saving my pennies starting shall be mine.

Oh, but first I have to buy a spindle. ;p


My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Hi Dawn, love your blog! I think I'm going to have to make that bag... too cute! I've been trying to get an invite to the ripple-along, but when I email the address given on the site, it comes back undeliverable? Any ideas for help? I'm new to blogland, and I'm really enjoying myself... Can't wait to be able to join along!


Sarebear said...

Ohmygosh! That sounds like the PERFECT way to try out different patterns and see what you like, as well as learning new stitches, getting fun mail, and maybe not getting bored with the same endlessness of the same scarf! I suppose there could be gauge changes in one's scarf when you get it back, but there's each person's time and care knit into it!!!

When does this start again?