Saturday, May 19, 2007

On random yarn drops.

You know, sometimes the universe just knows you need boost, and miraculously provides.

My gunshot Mother's Day frenzied panic attack was drastically moderated by sassenach and her one year domain-o-versary, for which she generously dove into her stash for a "guess how much sock yarn I have" game...and I won.

Seriously, this is virtually unheard of. I never, ever, ever, ever win anything, but this time I guessed bang on perfect. Anyway, led to this landing in my mailbox this week...SQUEE!

(note the sneaky grubby little baby yarn coveter trying to pull a fast one?)

Could not have been more timely. Once again my faith in humanity is pulled up from the depths of despair by a random knitter. I will say it again. We should so be in charge. Of everything. Always.

Sassenach, my eternal thanks, hugs, and quite possibly not so virtual cookies to you!

So, that loverly skein of Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in Earth Birth goes to play with the rest of the sock stash, liberated from their zip-locked prison just for the occasion:

Though the Cherry Tree Hill remained under house arrest for colluding with a certain known grubby-fingered yarn thief...had WAY too much fun in it's toddler enabled maniacal romp through the house:

Off to drug my allergies into submission and reclaim 2/3 of the kiddies. Daddy's out playing this weekend, so they got an overnight pass to be spoiled rotten by my parents...must get there before sugar coma hits.

...and why oh why have my allergies been at an all time high this year? I can stop blaming the hormonal upset cause by birth of #3...sadly, I have figured it out. My favorite part of MN is ablaze and the smoke hit the cities this week. Our air quality is abysmal. But the thought of 75,000+ acres of this burned to char is much, much worse.


sassenach said...

I'm so glad you like the yarn! Enjoy it =) And totally...knitters (and crafters in general) should rule the world. Seriously.

My allergies have been on a frenzy, too =\ih

Tone said...

Hello - lovely blog! I hope to join the Ripple-along, can you tell me how to do that?