Friday, July 27, 2007

Back on track...uh, sort of.

OK, the book is behind me.

(at least until I wrench it out of wonder-boy's hands and pour through it again....)

Back to the socks!

Had to rip the crochet sock to rework the stitch patter to make fewer stitches around but still have enough pattern reps to get the ripple effect. Still liking it, though the ripples are shallower and therefore more subtle. The heel turned well, and am plotting some decreases to snug up the foot a bit.

Simply Lovely Lace Sock #1 is done. It's only my 4th ever finished knit sock and it reinforced that I have a lot to learn still. I did it to directions, trying it on as I went, but it's just not quite right. I think I'll tweek #2 a bit...longer heel flap and different ribbing (the 1x1 is just too sloppy and once again I find I really just don't like why do I keep doing it?). Which means that I will most likely be redoing #1 when I'm done, but hey, better to have socks I love, right? And I do really love the lace pattern. Fun to knit too.

Of course, another diversion came in the mail today...the latest scarf circle scarf:

...and I have a cabley idea in mind for it too. It needs to go out by the 7th, so it may bump the socks back a bit.

...and the inlaws are coming today for #2s b-day. (i feel positively faint thinking that he's 5 already...) So there is much frantic cleaning/throwing out going on and it will be all Cars all the time this weekend.

And try not to dwell on the unsightly leg attached to the socks...not mine, nope, definitely not mine!


Gina said...

So glad to see that you are blogging again. Have fun celebrating this weekend.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Hey Dawn. I love all your socks. They're so fun. I'm going to have to try crocheting or knitting a pair for this winter. QUESTION: How do I become a member of the Ripple ALong ring? Please e-mail and let me know as Thanks.
--Susan Ramey Cleveland