Thursday, July 19, 2007's an obsession.


It's not like I'll be in the running for any of the contests. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

I have 3 kids. And 2 dogs. And a husband. All of which demand time and attention, darn them.

There are plenty of contestants without diversion that will leave me in the dust.

So why oh why can I only think of socks??

I'm stalking patterns. Online. Library. Every knitting and crochet book I own. I literally go to sleep regretting that I am not staying up to get a few more rows done, mentally reviewing the queue. Need I mention it's impossibly long?

Every other project has officially been laid aside...bye-bye blankets. Hasta la vista, fingerless gloves. Ciao snazzy summer headbands. Ta ta, any socks started before June 21!

Pair number 1 was finished over this past weekend. Quick crochet in DK weight Cestari cotton blend:

Can you tell which I did first? The "tell" of crocheted socks...once they've been worn, they never go back.

I'm happy with them. Soft and squishy. Oh so warm to snuggle up with a book and a cuppa in. Jammie socks for sure.

Feeling better for having finished something...possibly atoning for having spaced the start...I decided to do something different:

Yep, it's a crocheted ripple sock. Off the top of my head. Fabulous Mega Boots Stretch to work the color magic. Amazingly somehow working out first go round. Pray for me.

And because one is just not enough...and as at times the facility with which the afore-mentioned project is coming along is just too surreal:

Knitting. Simply Lovely Lace socks from Interweave. Again in Cestari DK. Love the perversity of doing up girly lacy socks in staunch grey wool.

(and do you see the bag? my fabulous craftstravaganza-purchased bag??? has been languishing with out purpose, but now has become the official SOS project bag of dooooooooom. *nods to L&V, source of my socky tendencies*)

Yep, it's a summer of socks alright. They have even made an appearance at teh soon-to-be tragically-sold-and-therefore-no-longer-accessible pool in my parents' backyard.

...and just for the record, yes, I did cry. AGAIN.

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HobbyZu said...

Those socks really look great! My next pair I'll be trying a different stitch as well. I hope the ripple works out for you, it's looking good so far :-)With so little crochet sock patterns to choose from, we just have to make things up huh?