Friday, August 17, 2007

SOS goes on vacation...FINALLY.

Yep, the big summer getaway is next week.

The in-laws have rented a HUGE cabin...OK, when it's 5000 square feet, I think we get into the realm of the "lake home". "Cabin?" Not so much.

Anyway, it's here, in Wisconsin's far, far, far northern reaches. I'm anxious to see how it compares with the north shore area in MN, which I find dreamy. I've already scoped out Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, just over the border in Michigan's UP...can't wait to hike and wave hello from the opposite shore of Superior. Oh, how I loooooove that lake.

Aside from some emerging anxiety over trying to wedge the "bare necessities" for 2 semi-grown-ups and 3 rampaging monkeys into one minivan, I so far have managed to avoid all panic. With the big pack happening tonight, I'm sure that will change very, very, very FAST. Tranquilizers may be needed by day's end. Good thing I have some percoset left over from the last c-section! ;)

Of course, that means I'll be taking the socks on the road. Of course, we'll be getting back after teh deadline for SOS's vacation picture contest, which is a major bummer since I anticipate getting some great shots, but SIGH, I guess I can't have everything. :( Never fear, I'll take pictures for posterity's sake anyway.

For those of you playing along, here's where we stand:

From the left, that would be Simply Lovely Lace Sock #3, working up to match it's mate with my new and improved modifications to the Interweave pattern. Then there's Molly, the Socktopia Mystery Sock pattern...3 lace repeats done, 1 to go. Am very much hoping Mama Monkey posts the heel before I head out tomorrow morning. #3 is the Tutti Frutti sock by Janet Rehfeldt out of Crocheted Socks!, working up in Cascade Fixation. It's a slip stitch pattern and oh my I can't wait to get it on my foot. It's sooooo springy and squishy and huggy. I may never crochet another type of sock again. #4 is the wavey ripple sock I'm designing. Need to get it done so I can write up the pattern by the first...yipes! It's been on hiatus for a bit as I just don't seem to have the brain power to keep track of what I'm doing. The kids need to start sleeping again or I fear it will never be finished.

With 6 hours in the car each way, I'm imagining I'll make nice progress. Of course, there will also be 3 kids in the car too, so I guess that might be a tad optimistic...stay tuned for all the sordid details.


Robin said...

OMG, you are going to be right near my in-laws! They used to live in Harshaw, Wisconsin (population - maybe 200 - there are signs on the trees that have last names on them with arrows pointing to the trail to get to the house - K?). Now that they are older they moved "in town" to Rhinelander, also in that area. I never heard about Presque Isle though - it looks great. I am sure you and your kids are going to love it. Great place to take walks, do water sports/fish if you're so inclined, and KNIT!! Have fun!

Pam said...

Great satisfaction comes from completing projects on road trips, not wasted time looking out the window. (or in our case, keeping the kids from hurting each other.) -Pam