Monday, December 24, 2007

Thoughts on a more self-centered holiday

There's a definitely trend and pace to the holiday season for me. I give and give and give and do and do and do for everyone around me. Baking treats and giving the perfect gift makes me inordinately happy. I always, always, always plan way too much and spend the 2 weeks before Christmas crashing into the brick wall of reality. I sleep less. I crab. I grouch. I wear myself waaaaaaaay too thin trying to do about 5 million more things than would be possible even for Martha.

...and usually end up sick and miserable.

So this year I have approached the holidays with a deliberately conscious train of thought: Do less. Say No. Think me.

I know, I not "in the spirit of the season", but frankly that drat spirit was trying to kill me. This is working so much better.

I said no to cookie exchange craziness. I chucked a half-made blanket for #1 out of the queue entirely weeks ago in lieu of some fortuitously stashed Playmobil. Same for the spiral hat for #2. Fortuitously stashed trains fill that void. (yes, I am now seeing the beauty of buying on clearance throughout the year even if we don't need it right now. this toy stash thing is gold.) I took time out from baking last week to make my sinus stuffed self this:

I have decided that my sister will love random drops of hand knit socks and me-crocheted cowl throughout the next few frigid months. She's getting a coupon that states such.

I told the big boy that it of course didn't matter if the LR and DR were half painted throughout the season...our friends will love us anyway. (and frankly expect our home to be peppered with half-finished projects....I suspect we're a morale booster.) So, I didn't yell. I didn't badger. I didn't leave paintbrushes laying about will-nilly for him to find and feel guilty about.

...and he got it finished. All by himself.

And when in the vintage shop unexpectedly open yesterday morning, fruitlessly scoping for a candy dish like my grandmother's to give my sister I bought myself this:
Yes, my fingers are twitching to play...but that just has to wait a few more days. I can handle it. I can wait.

Yep, this holiday season is lookin' good. I'm one happy momma.


Stasia said...

You know what they say... "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

You can't be a fountain for others if your own well is dry. Good for you for letting things just "be."

And now no one will have bad memories of Mommy's holiday meltdown. ;)

Happy holidays!!!

belle7171 said...

Your soup looks delicious! Is it minestrone? I need some right now - all three of us have head colds. Have an awesome day!

Gina said...

Sounds like your approach this year is workng. Still have not got the toy stash thing yet...but will work on it this year. I mean...I have no problem with a yarn stash...why not a toy stash??? Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Toy stash? Toy stash? That's abso-bloody-lutely brilliant. I'm sorry you're sick again, but go, go Gadget Mom! Go Weave It, that's what I say.