Monday, August 27, 2007

I need a life line for my life.

Back from the wilds of North Central Wisconsin. Vaca was emotionally and physically exhausting...though darn pretty. Loons are cool. So is boating. So are secluded lakes and country roads.

Sometimes there can be too much togetherness with the extended fam though. The inlaws were once again gems. It was truly enjoyable spending more time with them and seeing what joy they take in the kids. Others were a tad more challenging and I unfortunately overheard an undeserved savaging of myself. What fun. Will leave it at that.

Did manage to some home a few pounds lighter. Ah, the power of hiking.

Did get some socks done.

The Simply Lovely Lace Socks, redux:

Love them.

The Funfetti Sock (slip stitch crochet) #1:

Love it. May never need to looks for another crochet sock pattern, it's that Cascade Fixation anyway.

Frankly seem to be hitting the sock wall. or it could be that my head feels like it's going to explode any minute and falling into a good book is so much easier.

Feel like I've jumped into the center of a storm. Came home drag down tired to a leaking pipe, parents that need to move in 2 weeks and a dearth of school supplies to buy. My poor birthday is going to be over run not only by Labor Day weekend this year, but hoards of packing and heavy lifting and likely tears and emotions running amok. Just what I wanted.

It's going to be a loooooong 2 weeks.

Friday, August 17, 2007

SOS goes on vacation...FINALLY.

Yep, the big summer getaway is next week.

The in-laws have rented a HUGE cabin...OK, when it's 5000 square feet, I think we get into the realm of the "lake home". "Cabin?" Not so much.

Anyway, it's here, in Wisconsin's far, far, far northern reaches. I'm anxious to see how it compares with the north shore area in MN, which I find dreamy. I've already scoped out Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, just over the border in Michigan's UP...can't wait to hike and wave hello from the opposite shore of Superior. Oh, how I loooooove that lake.

Aside from some emerging anxiety over trying to wedge the "bare necessities" for 2 semi-grown-ups and 3 rampaging monkeys into one minivan, I so far have managed to avoid all panic. With the big pack happening tonight, I'm sure that will change very, very, very FAST. Tranquilizers may be needed by day's end. Good thing I have some percoset left over from the last c-section! ;)

Of course, that means I'll be taking the socks on the road. Of course, we'll be getting back after teh deadline for SOS's vacation picture contest, which is a major bummer since I anticipate getting some great shots, but SIGH, I guess I can't have everything. :( Never fear, I'll take pictures for posterity's sake anyway.

For those of you playing along, here's where we stand:

From the left, that would be Simply Lovely Lace Sock #3, working up to match it's mate with my new and improved modifications to the Interweave pattern. Then there's Molly, the Socktopia Mystery Sock pattern...3 lace repeats done, 1 to go. Am very much hoping Mama Monkey posts the heel before I head out tomorrow morning. #3 is the Tutti Frutti sock by Janet Rehfeldt out of Crocheted Socks!, working up in Cascade Fixation. It's a slip stitch pattern and oh my I can't wait to get it on my foot. It's sooooo springy and squishy and huggy. I may never crochet another type of sock again. #4 is the wavey ripple sock I'm designing. Need to get it done so I can write up the pattern by the first...yipes! It's been on hiatus for a bit as I just don't seem to have the brain power to keep track of what I'm doing. The kids need to start sleeping again or I fear it will never be finished.

With 6 hours in the car each way, I'm imagining I'll make nice progress. Of course, there will also be 3 kids in the car too, so I guess that might be a tad optimistic...stay tuned for all the sordid details.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


She's coming along swimmingly. Slow, so more like doggy paddle than butterfly, but swimming none the less.

Love the twisted rib.

Love the Trekking subtlety.

Love Mama Monkey.

Sorry you can't see more detail. The camera still sucks.

Hooray for libraries!

Lookie what was sitting so innocently on the shelf at the library this morning:

Oh my.

Once SOS is done, there shall be scarves. Oh my yes, there shall be scarves for everyone.

I lust after almost everything in this book.

Why didn't anyone tell me?!?!?!?

Dashing off to update my amazon wishlist, b-day is right around the corner ya know...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yep, mean ever single capital there.

It's one of those days.

Time for snort out your nose funny.
I know, it's stupid, but oh how I love me some hoops and if I could only find the right yarn to crochet them in...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fridge Fairies

Oh, I wish I had some.

I think we must have fridge gnomes instead. They have food fights in there I swear.

Seriously, how oh how does it get so grungy in there? Everything comes in neatly packaged. Leftovers stashed in nifty coordinating containers. Fruit nestled in it's own bowl.

Yet there's sticky, crusty bits everywhere.

The veggie drawer I understand. They are sadly neglected at times and frankly we're all a bit afraid to delve too deeply in there until we have to. Surface veg only please! Yuck.

But the rest of the fridge? Yeah, I'm going with the gnomes.

Guess what went on my "pre-cabin trip to-do list"? So happy about that. One of my least favorite household remediation projects...that and wiping the schmutz off the toilets. UGH.

Any wagers on how long it will take me to get it done? Anybody? Anybody?

Unless I can lure me some fridge fairies that they'd keep things sparkling in there....

Let's just catch up on what will provide ample diversion from the fridgey nightmare, shall we?

Finished Simply Lovely Lace Sock #2, and really like the modifications I made. Much happier with the 3x3 rib and longer heel flap. Added a pattern repeat to both leg and foot as well.

So, the ball? Yep, it be Simply Lovely Lace Sock #1...soon to become Simply Lovely Lace Sock #3. Would really like to be done with this and move on to something else, but there's no sense letting the less than wonderful one languish, no is there? That has to be bad mojo, leaving handknit wonderfullness short of it's full potential and unusable. Yep, baaaaaaaad karma that.

On the crochet front, I've left the design as I go ripple sock sit aside and watch for a bit. The emotional hooeyness of the past few weeks is just too much for my brain. Nothing left to be figuring out the bits that need figuring. I so wish they could find the people left missing. They found 2 more yesterday in the cars trapped under the bridge. No word on who it was yet, but I pray it's the pregnant mother and her 2 year old. Please, let them be found. Let them be together and move on. Please.

Anyway, have provided myself with a bit of crochet brain candy.

It's the slip stitch sock from my crocheted sock bible, Crochet Socks! The leg may take me 3 months to finish, but wow, is it easy and mindless. No lace to goof up here.

I've also cast on and completed the cuff for the Mystery Sock Mama Monkey has posted over on Socktopia...who can resist Molly Weasley? Working with some great subtly striped Trekking in tones of brick. Mmmmmmm, makes me happy. And you know what? So does the 1x1 rib...cause it's twisted! Yeah! Now I have the answer to my 1x1 rib woes!

And have you read Michael Stackpole? I found a podcast for his book, Fortress Draconis, and wheee-hee! What a romp so far. And a sexier podcast reading you won't find anywhere, I swear, really I do. So, whilst burning time at the library the other day, I left the realm of kiddie books and wandered over into the Sci-Fi section...and the prelude to Fortress Draconis was sitting there on the shelf. Not a single other of his many books. Just that one. Nice when things work out, eh?

Anyway, I've been absolutely rampaging through it. Can't put it down. Very fun. Highly suggested if you like things in the realm of Middle Earth. Dragons and wizards and warriors oh my!

So, I'm heading into my weekend with the fridge on my mind, a good book to divert me and socks calling my name. Stay tuned for further developments.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I am not a gawker.

We went to snag some rogue carpet squares from the boy's project yesterday...and wow did I learn something about myself.

At first it was wow, there's a lot of traffic, what's going on...was it a concert, festival or one of the ever-present "walks"?


Seriously, there were cars everywhere. Stop and go, stop and go. Took 5 solid minutes to go the last block.

OK, granted the nearby highway no longer exists, but this seemed sort of extreme for traffic on an early Sunday afternoon with no Twins game.

...and the boy insisted that traffic hadn't been anything like this for the past few days.

So what was going on????

When I noticed the people clogging the sidewalks...all headed in the same direction, it hit me.

And I got nauseous.

All these people had come down here to the river to gawk. They wanted to see it. To point and gasp and "see something"...and maybe be on TV.


I understand that some may have come with reverence. To pray. To feel the depth of the loss.

But man, that was not what I was seeing. Wouldn't have been surprised to see food vendors and t-shirts. Never seen so many extremely serious, annoyed police in my life.

It was creepy.

Yep, I am not a gawker.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sock luck.

I had sock club this morning.

Which meant I had to drive over one of the "high" bridges over the Mississippi. Very surreal. The river was very quiet. The only traffic the crew team stroking quietly along. All half a mile or so from total chaos.

As was the total lack of air traffic. We're pretty used to planes droning over all the time, and their absence is glaring. Makes me twitchy. So did the president's heli roaring over.

Yep, all in all very surreal. Not your usual Saturday morning.

Sock club was a much needed break though...good company, good yarn...and guess what I won?

So worth toting my lone ranger of a May sock along with me. Can't wait to dig into her vast sockish knowledge.

Friday, August 03, 2007

too close to home

Bridges should not fall.


It's been an oddly disjointed week here.

I've been 2 kids short since Sunday as the big ones were with my in-laws until yesterday afternoon...when I journeyed into Wisconsin nervously counting bridges all the way to retrieve them.

So it was a very quiet week until the phones started ringing off the hook Wednesday night.

"Are you all home?"

I purged the basement to stock my friend Ellen's garage sale that will hopefully fund her MS Walk. 9 bags/boxes of toys and 11 of baby clothes, an exersaucer, baby bath, bouncy seat and doorway jumper have now left the building. We sorted through all the kid clothes riveted to CNN.

"Yeah, we're all here safe."

It's been odd seeing our little town all over the media. It's equally been surreal having them here, standing in front of places I've casually passed by my entire life. It's even more disturbing to have a gaping hole, emotionally and physically looming so few miles from our home.

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. I've driven over that bridge without noticing more times that I can imagine to count. It's less than a half mile from my children's preschool. It's right on top of my husband's latest project. He drove under it on his way home from work every day for the last year or so.

He drove under it 20 minutes before it fell. Heading home early that day. Holding the baby instead.
That's the view from the apartments his development company owns across from the condos he's building. The news crews broadcast from just off the right side of the screen.

If you live in either city here, your days are spent crossing bridges. There are the usual highway overpasses and such, but 3 major rivers traverse the area. There are BIG bridges everywhere.

I've never thought much about them...until now.

Now I think about them way, way too much.

The bridges and the people.

The people that miraculously got away.

The school bus.

The people that ran to help without thinking.

The rescue and retrieval teams still trying.

The families still waiting.

They haunt me.

The people still in the river haunt me.

Seeing the anguish of the rescue workers able to see their faces below the surface but not able to reach them. Having to leave them there, in the river.

The river that's only a few blocks from our home. The river we walk along, watching eagles. Looking for tugs pushing barges. Cheering crew teams gliding along. So much beauty cutting through such an urban 'scape.

I can feel it pulling me.

(heavy sorrow)

But I can't go.

I just can't.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goodies from Deutschland!

My reward for The Great CoffeeMate Search of 2007.

A friend on the Lime and Violet MB had a jones for some of the new CoffeeMate flavors (and expressed deep-felt longing for sharpies and lip smackers), so we effected a swap. I searched down the artificial flavory goodness (never found the requested Blueberries and Creme though...drat to be foiled by a coffee creamer!), tossed in assorted permanent marking lip shining wonders and she sent me all kinds of German yarny, crochety, tea-ish goodies.

Definitely worth visiting every grocery within a 20 mile radius...