Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am not going to die...

I am not going to die, I am not going to die, I am not going to die.

It just feels that way.

In fact it is just a nasty fevery achy flu.

But I am not going to die.

But I am very out of the Sock Madness running, for which The Big Boy has been thanking all manner of deities because now perhaps I will start taking care of myself. But I think someone else has to do that at this point because I just want to lay here on the floor. The floor is good. Cool and gooooooood.


Kelly said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad! I can empathize...I just got over that month-long flu! It was awful! Drink lots of fluids and get much rest!

A said...

Oh honey. I hope you feel better soon. I am out too, though not sick. Take care of yourself, you have had a rough couple of weeks.


nuttnbunny said...

I think I should knit you a little bathroom floor pillow!

NotScarlett Sarah said...

Hugs to you. You are def. in my thoughts. I hope you feel better soon, and that things start to get a bit easier.