Sunday, July 13, 2008


Quick game o' catch-up before I return to the assault on weeds.

1) The veggies. To this point utilized in the form of: many green salads, cucumbers n feta n olives, zucchini pizzas with gobs of basil, potato salad with spring onions some parsley and olive oil, snackin' stuff. In the line-up: risotto with peas and parm, whole wheat capellini with sauteed garlic scapes and baby beet greens, carmelized radicchio with onions, spicy cabbage salad, roasted curried cauliflower. I. Love. My. Farmers.

2) The Tea. Cold brewing RULES. Today's batch = passionfruit/hibiscus. Have learned to sweeten it when necessary by adding concentrated sugar or honey water. Made the cheater way by dissolving a tablespoon or 2 in a cup of water and microwaving for 2 minutes. Put this in the bottom of the pitcher, plop in the tea bags, fill with cold water and stick in the fridge overnight. Happiness in a glass.
3) The Bread. I will say it once again. BUY THIS BOOK. This method of wet and cold rise dough makes for sublime bread. I can bake bread in the cool of the morning. Pizza dough is at my finger tips always. Revolution in my mommy life.

4) The Tour. I have been very remiss in filling you in on the spinning. Learned on the cruise. have not stopped since. Doing the Tour de Fleece this summer to make myself commit to improving. This is what I have accomplished in week 1. The green is my second ever completed blob of batt. Silk/wool blend. About 4 ounces. Very laceweight. The pinky red is a wool blend from Aisha Celia. To be plied on itself Andean style.


Heather said...

I cannot WAIT to see what you do with this stuff. You have to know, YOU HAVE TO KNOW, your yarn is too good for a newbie. Clearly you are channeling some earlier life.
You Go Girl!
Miss you

Julie said...

I love that bread book as well. So easy, so delicious.