Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Lots to catch up on as usual. Finished spinning the Aisha Celia fiber. Andean plied.

Moving onto some fiber from the Alaskan adventure. Merino from RavenFrog Fibers:

The Seven Deadly Spins Club package #3 came! Hat pattern by StitchStud. Looks to be quite the challenge, It will have to wait until I've cleared some UFOs first so I can concentrate fully. This one might be my favorite so far. Very much my colors and the challenge I was hoping for. Bitsy little ball of angora to line the earflaps even!

Then we get to The Secret Project. These landed on my doorstep this week. All the way from Mountain Home, Idaho.

Retired to the backyard in extreme anticipation.

What's inside? FIBER! Lots and lots of Border Leicester roving from my friend Meg. She's been sitting on the fruits of her ranching labor and I am helping her liberate it.

This is lambs wool from Mattie and Gabriella. More caramel-ish than it looks here. It's all buttery soft and sproingy. I'm in love.

Peanut's lambs wool. Warm brown.

Snicker's Hershey lambs wool. Cooler brown. Bit more caramel.

Beulah's yearling wool. Brown shot with grey. Fabulous.

Packed up in 4 oz. bundles. Haiku by Meg attached. It's headed for a fiber fest in Chicago this weekend with Jenniethepotter, then to Etsy if there be anything left.

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knitting dragonfly said...

Good luck with the fiber fest. I have never Andean plied anything. All of your fiber has me smiling.