Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is becoming one very baaaad habit...

...but if I keep up the blog procrastination trend, I can keep posting entertaining catch-up notes. Here we go. New this summer:

1) Very much less hair. (about 6 inches)

With which I am trying new and exciting hair care things that involves much less sulfate-y shampoo product, banishing silicone from my head, and hopefully embracing the naturally not so straight mannerisms of my hair. If you need to know more, you can find a fabulous overview of this approach on this blog, or in the great comprehensive resource of Live Curly, Live Free. (There is also a website called, that I find hugely overwhelming, but it might just be helpful to you.)

2) Lots of brain-inflaming crochet designing. Thing like this:

...that I will be able to tell you about soon, soon, soon. More things that are not so soon to appear, but I can maybe arrange to slide in some sneak peeks now and again. Starting so many new things means there are not so many other things being finished, and that huge basket of packages still awaits me. I figure the longer it sits, the more surprising those surprises will be, right?

3) A puppy that isn't so much of a puppy anymore, who has decided that he is a swimmer:

4) Kids that cannot possibly be this big:

5) Family drama that just might finally knock me off my duff and make me build systems of self-care....if I can figure out how to do that amid spur of the moment eruptions of fever and vomiting whenever I even think of leaving the house without small people in tow.

6) Random spontaneous rants that seem to run rampant whenever I listen to or read the news. What news, you may ask? Really, any of it. State, federal, international. Is it just me, or is the world increasingly populated by the brainless? I really don't mind well reasoned, rational, fact-based discourse...I tend to learn something even if I don't agree with the conclusions...but where is that happening?? I see a lot of "just because I say so", and that makes me NUTS. Making things up and saying it over and over and over again does not at some point mean it is true. People are not evil or damned or your enemy, or even *GASP* wrong just because they don't agree with your perspective. Rational, respectful discourse is all but extinct and compromise seems to have become a taboo subject to even broach. Absolutism is more and more becoming the be-all-end all. It makes me want to institute mandatory remedial reading of some serious Dr. Seuss. Sneeches anyone? Zax? The Lorax? What's the one where everyone is dashing about thinking something's hot on their tail out to get them and as you follow the chain back it ends up being a frog stuck in a bucket or some such? Yes, Dr. Seuss could possibly be the savior of our times if only people would listen.

7) A shiny new cleaned up blog. That hopefully will see more regular use. ;)


Periwinkle Pumpkin said...

Yeah, you're back!

Brenda said...

Lovin' the new hair! I banished the silicrap from my hair several years ago, and have not looked back. Curlz rock.

Ellen said...

I like the new, clean look of the blog. Very easy to read and find things. As a fellow curly haired person, I may check out the linked sites. I swim almost every day so washing, conditioning, hair oil treatment, gel and finishing treatment take up a lot of my grooming time!