Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drum Roll, Please!

It's big announcement day! I've been dying to let everyone know that I've been working on some crochet design projects for Chris, the master dyer behind the subtle, earthy, dramatic fabulous-ness that is Briar Rose Fibers.

I first met Chris at the Michigan Fiber Festival, on my first road trip with my friend Jennie the Potter, where she generously let us huddle around the little TV in her trailer to watch the spectacle of the summer Olympics. After many years now, I staunchly maintain that a more big-hearted, lovely person with a more big-hearted, lovely business ethic you will never meet. (well, unless it is Jennie...soul sisters these 2 are, you can't help but want to be a better, more shiny person being around them.) Chris, it turns out, is a lapsed crocheter, and my ever optimistic crochety-ness eventually rubbed off on her and she has asked me to work up a few things with her various yarns.

I finished a few small projects for them earlier in the year, a cowl and a very deeply v-d shawlette that are available in their little dollar card patterns at shows. (...and of course I don't have pictures of those...was too excited to ship them out as soon as they were finished) BUT, my first major on-taking has just been released. May I introduce you to Arachne's Path?

Isn't it a great picture? Those Briar Rose folks are just so talented. It's a one skein scarf out of their Sonoma, which is a 100% wool I would categorize as on the lighter end of the bulky yarn spectrum, worked in motifs you interlock as you go along. The openwork semicircles overlap one another giving quite a dramatic effect. Here it is on me:

...and here it is blocking out:

Hopefully I'll catch up with the other booth samples soon and have pictures to share of those as well. This is an ongoing project, so you can expect other crochet lovelies in Chris' fabulous fibers to pop up throughout the year as well.


Angela said...

Makes me want to crochet! Sadly, I won't be making the trek to MI this year. It conflicts with Stitches, so I'm going to miss it. Hope you are well!

Amy R Singer said...

omg, i'm so proud to know you! this design is extraordinarily beautiful. and so is that new headshot of you. you are awesome.

Tracy said...

Mmmmm, that is beautiful ... what would you say is the skill level required to complete that? Please say beginner/no skill :) (or at least say easy to learn?)

Dawn said...

Tracy, I would say the motif is very easy once you roll through it once and get the hang of the different stitches. The connection is a bit trickier, but I would be happy to walk you through it. If you're on Ravelry, PM me (crochetcompulsiv) there and we'll chat.

Gaile said...

Love this, it's beautiful!