Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter harvest

What does one do when home with sick kids for 11 days straight only to then be buried in 18 inches of snow for 2 more?

If you're me, you become totally obsessive about marmalade, that's what.

Turns out marmalade is a super simple concept many make mind-numbingly tedious. My first batches followed Alton Brown's marmalade directions to the letter and it is absolutely perfect, pure orange sunshine in a jar. Second batch used his process with the fruit proportions from this cranberry orange marmalade recipe on the Free Range Living blog. It is also perfect in a very cranberry type of way.

The beauty of both being that Alton's genius for food science (not to mention the inherent chemical make-up of oranges) makes extra pectin totally unnecessary....that and the fact that it absolutely tickles me to be able to put whole unpeeled oranges into my food processor and have fabulousness result.

20 half-pints of preserves later and I'm well on my way to having my holidays in hand.

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Keli said...

This looks scrumptious!!! I have always wanted to start canning, but my garden kind of went to pot the past few years while I worked at Target. I am staying home now and will fight the good fight again this spring/summer!