Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Everyone wants the crochet!?!?!?!

Short post today as the babe is cutting a monster tooth, but had to jot down my shock and awe before it fades.

Finally got together with a group of knitty friends this morning. It was a part of a larger moms support group I belong to...a new effort on my part to develop a yarny community of mine own. There were several knitters and several new knitters and a few lapsed knit and crocheters picking things up again...and several knit wannabes. Or so they thought.

After goggling the now completed back of my Cinnabar coat (pic above...oops, below in previous post) and approriating my Interweave Crochet, I was awash in demands to teach them to crochet.

Shock and awe, I tell you. S.h.o.c.k. and f***-in' awe.

I have never, ever, ever been crocheting with a group and had knitters be impressed with what I was doing, much less want to learn. And never, ever, ever, never ever have I had people wanting to learn to knit turn away from the needles and happily sit hooking chains, slip stitches and sc instead.

That Cinnabar coat is one hell of a pattern.

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