Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sweet anticipation

My very first CAL starts tomorrow! (OK, I really wrote this over the weekend, but was having trouble with the pictures, so it's going up now....and no, the button does NOT work cause I don't know how to do that...)

OK, I know, how is that possible...how am I not CAL-ing like crazy?

Oh so very many reasons. I simply can't handle working on one thing at a time, always have 500 projects going at once, and with 3 kids just haven't had the time to be checking in regularly with forums and blogs and the universe in general...all things needed for a CAL to be of use.

With #s 1 & 2 in school regularly, and #3 hopefully sleeping at some point a.m. and p.m. (a girl can dream, right?), I'm hoping this works.

Really, really, really hoping it works because I have another confession to make...I've never made a garment for moi before either. (Yes, the Cinnabar coat is in the works, but that's following the pattern and hopefully on it's way to turning out fab.)

Why? Because I HATE SEAMING. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I pretty much rework most patterns to involve little to no seaming. If I could institute one universal crochet pattern rule it would be for everything to be worked as continuously as possible, cause I'm lazy and hate the seaming.

So, imagine my delight when I saw
this in the Fall issue of Crochet Me.

YEAH! (and quite the coincidence as I had just been listening to teh Cast-On episode with Franklin Habit talking about the percentages sweater from

Here's the yarn...more on swatching and the stitch markers I'm making tomorrow.

(and BTW, also finished up the chunky sweater for #2 and am working on a poncho for #1...nothing like love in the form of yarn! more on these later...)

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