Monday, March 26, 2007

Secret Sender Person Swag!

My Official Lime and Violet Pron Exchange Secret McSenderson (undoubtedly the greatest person in the universe) sent me a package! (button at left links to the Flickr group) And it came today! When the shock of finding a package to ME wore off (sadly now a rare occurence in kid-land), I sat right in the big puddle 'o sunshine streaming in the front door (freakishly 82 here March. In Minnesota. Did I mention it was March still? And that it's 82 today? Dance of joy for warmth!) and sat there in the sunny-ness oggling. Then I ran for the camera. Here's the swag:

Be still my heart. Count them with me now, ONE, TWO hanks of ALPACA. SQUEEEE! I've never worked with alpaca! Some gorgeous stone stitch markers. YEAH for rocks! I've been rolling them in my hands and they feel soooooo good. And oh my goshness, ONE, TWO Knitpicks circs perfect for magic looping accompanied by a luminous bamboo US G crochet hook. And a very nice knitterly note card with very nice secret exchanger things written inside. And they say more is coming. I may faint! THANK YOU, THANK YOU SWAPPY MCSWAPPERSON IN TALLAHASSEE! (or then again maybe you're not there after all, but that's where the swag came from...I must say, the return address made my little Lost-infatuated heart skip a beat too...)

On to the details.

Stitch marker loverly-ness in snowflake and picasso jasper by Zero Markers. "Jewelry for your knitting." As seen in the latest Knitty! I got me a pal with great taste. The pics don't at all do the stones justice. Zero has a great pic of them here.

And onto the pRon itself. 100% hand-dyed alpaca from Atacama. Colorway 511. Full of mauve/pink/purple/brown with some loden green thrown in goodness. It's soft. I love it.

The pictures don't at all do the colors justice, not to mention the halo on this stuff.

I've got me 220 yards. What to do, what to do?!?!??! Gauntlets perhaps...dashes off to pattern search without even saying goodbye...


Swappy Pal said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Glad to see it arrived safely.

That Atacama stuff is dreeeeeeaaaammmmmy. I hope you love it as much as I do.

More to come. I'm putting the finishing touches on a few things for you and then I'll ship it out.

Oh, about the address??? Hmmmm. Wouldn't you looooove to know if it is real or not? Muahahahahhaha!

Dawn said...


you're going to drive me crazy trying to figure it out!!!