Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Catchin' up

Oh, but the posting has been S.L.O.W.

What's been sucking up my time? Here ya' go:

1. 2 kids that can't possibly not pick at each other for longer than 5 seconds if they are physically in the same building together. Thank gods the baby can't talk yet. They pushed the biggest boy (aka "the husband") past the breaking point the other day, when after an entire 6 hours filled with zoo-ish fun, they saw the neighbors come home (and just how they knew they were coming home from the local ice cream joint I will never know, the little buggers have extrasensory abilities, I swear they do) when they were getting ready for bed, which prompted #1 to announce that our family never has any fun and she now wanted to live with Lukas' family because they were better. Am forever grateful to have blissfully been ensconced in a steamy shower instead of witnessing the resultant "fine, you just do that", door slamming, jammies marching down the sidewalk circus. (of course, when #2 got wind of what was up, he pronounced it a fine idea and went along...skipping.) They actually got to their sidewalk (we're urban folks, so don't think they were marching through the streets...their house is all of 10 feet from ours) before turning back in tears. Oh the drama of the return. The wailing. I am seriously afraid for summer.

2. Daily making plans to unpack the suitcases from the trip we took 3 weeks ago now. SIGH!

3. Major planning and implementation of silent auction to benefit the scholarship fund at preschool. As usual was left shaking my head in wonder at the psycho dynamics resulting from a group of supposedly mature women trying to work together. Oh the game-playing. And also as usual am left saying I will think long and hard before joining such an effort again. Yeah right.

4. Which led to much mindless rippling. Have resurrected the big ripple, and I am so loving the new color scheme. Sometimes frogging is fate:

4. (cont.) The rumpled round ripple

is now frogged and awaiting it's next incarnation. Going to try this pattern next. It's all just so soothing. Calms me waaaaaaaaaaaay down. The ripplers are keeping me on my toes too...over 160 No End In Sight Ripple Alongers now, and more over on Flickr.

5. More yarnishy stuff. Made a secret project...yep, you'll just have to find a way to wait for it. It's felted. And it's granny-ish. Also started working out a crochet spiral. Took mason Dixon Knitting on vacation with me and was intrigued by the spiral rag rug, but oh gosh would it be oh so much easier to crochet...and yep, it is. I'm not working with rag pieces right now, but the technique is slick and fun. Will be sure to post about it when I have a good bit worked up. Started my scarf bit for the Scarf Circle I signed up for through the Lime and Violet message boards...this is going to be FUN! The idea is that you start out by knitting a 6 inch scarf bit out of whatever yarn you have languishing about. Then it gets rather chain letterish. You pop the stitches on some waste yarn and mail it to the person next on your list. They knit another 6 inches with whatever yarn they have, and mail it on. My scarf will visit 12 knitters before being bound off and returned to me Sometime in the fall. It will have been all over the US, to Canada twice and even to the UK...sadly much better traveled than it's eventual wearer.

6. And then there be house cleaning (much delayed by the fact that I smashed my shin up good in the process of setting up the silent auction...OUCHY and SWOLLEN...like 9 months pregnant with pre-eclampsia swollen. not good, but I can justify sitting about with my feet up!) and food making and bathtime moderating and nap enforcing and laundry ignoring. Some pressing social issues driving me nuts, but am not sure I want to rant of that sort here...

Anyhoo, that be what I've been up too. Catch ya later...and yes, the next post will I promise be about the trip, the status of the projects I took along...double pinkie swear promise!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Ohh, looking good! I am about to start my first ripple blanket(s) lol

Lesalicious/Lost Journe said...

Hey came across your blog and wanted to say love the spiral very cute

Yarn Thing said...

LOVE the blankets! You do great work!