Friday, May 04, 2007

...of pointy sticks and hooks

Both have been seeing lots of action since the vacation...which once again we're not going to visit in detail. Just haven't had it in me to finish that draft. See, I have these times when I seem to fall off the face of the earth, but this time, not only did I leave the planet behind, I think I've landed both physically and spiritually somewhere out near poor defamed Pluto.

Can't. Face. Anything.

Have crawled into my shell with my yarn and I sooooooo don't want to come out to play. UGH.

Yep, it's a full-blown, world-class funk.

Trying to crawl out of it with house purging and bits of organizational paraphenalia. Will it work? Stay tuned.

However, I do so very much have projecty progress to share.

Yep, the round ripple is waving once again. I'm totally working out of my head this time, and the decreases are needing a touch of fudging each round, but hey, it's working. Every third row is worked even, with the other two having either 2dc or 3dc shells at the peaks. Still in Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, and I'm still loving it. There will be many, many hanks of this consumed by yours truly in the future, I can assure you. Simply lovely cotton.

And that's the other bit of crochet improv I have rolling at the moment. The idea hooked itself in my brain when it leaped off the pages of Mason Dixon Knitting, wheedeled it's way in through my ear canal and lodged in my cortex, jumping up and down, raising quite the ruckus until I got it on the hooks. (and thank you to The Yarnery for timing their yearly purge just in time to scratch my itch.) Love the rug, but man, that would be a ton of work. And I so hate finishing in all it's many guises. I knew I could spiral much easier in crochet, and I was so right. This is working up in sock yarn and mercerized size 10 thread. To get the look I wanted, I'm working 2 "live" rows consecutively. A tad tricky with the increases, but I really like the effect. Felted wool rug so definitely in the future.

Ah, the tentacles. I do love them. Finished it up while driving to and from Milwaukee. CrochetMe pattern here. Lisa Souza Yarn here. Run. Play. Just remember to come back by dinner.

Ah yes, the socks they are done!! I finally gave in and bought another ball of the yarn since the "just in case" third I initially bought remains mysteriously missing to this very minute. My gauge was a bit looser on #2, so the heel is a bit sloppy. Wish I had taken time to try it on more, but I was rushing to get them done and proceed with yet more socks. Two other pairs already on the needles. Oh yes, I've got it bad.

Sorry this bit's a tad blurry, the camera refuses to zoom and focus at the same time. Not a good sign. This is my scarflet. The one I'm sending off to meet the world in my first ever "scarf circle". WHEE! It's in Mohana, a loverly cotton, merino, kid mohair, polyamid blend of German origin, made in Italy. Don't you just love how the yarn world works? The pattern I've adapted from the "Not in the Round Scarf" in Sally Melville's "The Knitting Experience, Vol.2, The Purl Stitch." Fare thee well, little scarflet. Enjoy your adventures.

Hopefully more soon...need to share my to funk some more.