Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NotScarlett, you ROCK!

LOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Not Scarlett, my super-stupendous Official Lime and Violet pRon Exchange exchanger!

Not only did she send me the afore blogged super-excellent package and Loopy Ewe gift certificate, but when we finally traipsed home from Florida (no worries, mates, there are many, many more blog posts on that coming...cartrip crochet, balcony knitting, sun, waves, shells, Busch Gardens and oh so NOT fabulous-o Sea World, more sun, more waves, more knitting seaside yet more passenger seat crochet and even a kidless night out! oh soooo much to talk about!!!) anyway, home we limp, tired, full of sand, crabby after 5 hours in the car...and WHAM, BAM, BIFF, there on my floor lies BIG package. For ME. I was stunned. Poor thing, waiting forever to find out my reaction, but oh, the timing couldn't have been more perfection. One should always find such waiting after 2 days in planes and cars with small children. I believe I shall start sending mineself post.

Anyhoo, take a gander at this:

I mean, is that extra, extra credit or what? This gal, she's gained herself a huge mess of karmic protection with this one. Color me 5 shades of SPOILED!

To recap, that would be:
2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Lakeview (land o' 10, 000 lakes swoon!)
one hank of Lisa Souza Sock in Marsquake (otherworldly swoon!)
2 packages of mmmmmmm Dove chocolates
a sheepy journal and matching magnet
a sheepy keychain with sneaky hideaway pouch containing luscious lip balm (love me the burt's bees btw) and cuticle ointment I'm dying to rub in. (**wonders why she hasn't done that yet and resists the urge to trot off to indulge...must finish post!**)
AND one copy of One Skein Wonders along with one copy of Candi Jensen's latest, Knitting Loves Crochet. (love me the Candi Jensen, the woman just knows her stuff, knitting or crochet. will have reviews of both upcoming too btw...)

GASP, I may need to lay down.

I am simply totally overwhelmed.

Sarah, your generosity is astounding. My faith in humanity is restored. Strangers can be kind to strangers. We can all get along. We do care, damn it! The good DOES in fact outweight the bad. YEAH!

Let's take a closer looksee at the yarn, shall we?

Mmmmmmmmmm, Lisa Souza. And the Marsquake is absolute perfection for me. All warm and earthy and inspiration struck her when she was actually Looking at Mars in the heavens. Makes my geeky sci-fi heart go pitter pat.

And just look at the colors in this Lorna's. Really cool-ly lovely sock-ish wonderfulness. Soft as soft can be. Me thinks this may be my first pair of "jaywalkers"...YIPPEE!

More on the vacation later, must go bond with my new yarn...


notscarlett7 said...

You were sooooo much fun to spoil. Having such a great spoilee made this exchange super fun for me. I seriously cannot stop smiling after reading this post/your reaction. So happy!

Jessica said...

I think for a L&V swap you just HAVE to get some Lisa Souza! :)

What a great package- you are a lucky gal!

Tawana said...

Cool package,

Also sorry to contact you on your blog. But I've been trying to sign up for the no end in sight ripple along for a while. I don't want to finish it (the blanket I mean before posting over there)

my email address is:




Wendi said...

That's wonderful! I am so happy for you!