Saturday, May 12, 2007


Guilty Pleasure: Hubby sneaking home in the middle of the day.

minds out of the gutter folks, now, you know these things don't happen to me, right? wait for it.....

Buzz Kill: Hubby dashing home mid-day after frantic call to pick up #2 at preschool as hyper-feverish, premolar cutting #3 barfed all over me on our way out the door to do just that.

Feeling I can forever and ever do without: The squish of curdled milk baby barf between my toes.

Thank everything the boy stayed home long enough for me to shower.

So, after that, what's a girl to do?

Knit socks.

These are all from the Sock of the Month Club I venture to one Saturday a month at a LYS called Clickity Sticks in Mpls.

The Ruffle Top Sock by Tamara Del Sonno, the owner and designer extrordinaire. My first successful attempt at Tofutsies...loving it now that I'm working it on US Os instead of the recommended 2s.

And another first...Regia Bamboo. LOVING doesn't describe the bliss I'm in working with this yarn. Triumphant chorus in my head. And the rainbow colors are so not me but make me happy. This pattern is a basic K2 P2 rib by Donna Johnson that has the Gerdine Strong heel, with a few tweeks I'm told, which eliminates the need to pick up stitches along the heel flap. ?!?!?!?! Obviously not there yet, but whoopie if it works!

EEEK! Cables! I've started these Irish beauties way too many times, and yes, I have still managed to mess up the braided cable but bugger me if I'm going to rip them out again. They're in Brown Sheep Wildfoot in Desert Grass, which I currently harbor ambivalent feelings about, but I'm willing to give it a go. The cables are going slow, and the chart gives me a headache since knitting charts are quite different from crochet charts and I can't seem to get the gist of why the little drawings mean what they do so I can't remember what they mean without going back to the directions...AGH!

And once again, accept my most humble of apologies for the camera that cannot satisfactorily accomplish it's singular task in life...focusing.

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