Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun and Games, Part the First

If you don't want to know, go no further. This week is apparently dubbing itself "Week O' Fun", starting off with a huge bang. My first package from The Seven Deadly S(p)ins arrived with yesterday's mail!

Again, I warn you to venture no further unless you really want to know. Here there be gluttony:

(how fun is that??? 4 , count them one two three FOUR colors specially made by the Unique Sheep in FOUR sickeningly sweet colorways to be merged together into one sockishly sweet, overindulgent creation.)
...and it's associated goodies (cause come one now, it IS gluttony...there must be goodies):

That teeny hank? It's called "sinful" yeah for chocolate! And the jelly bellies...inspiration of the unique sheepy dying goddess be my guess.

The specs are up for the first sock maddness pattern, to be released Thursday. I am a ball of anxiety trying to figure out how I will find time to make a genuine try at getting through the first round...must start swatching!

It's a week of long overdue fun. Hang on, hopefully it only gets better.

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Anonymous said...

I've decided that my HPSS3 partner will be getting the first pair of Sock Madness socks, no matter what. I'm just gonna use the same yarn as I did with my SS2 partner, since they're both from Gryffindor. It cut way down on my knitting stress level to not need to swatch again! :)

That 7 deadly sins club looks like it'll be awesome. I'm jealous! (Is that a sin?)