Saturday, March 15, 2008


The Zombies have taken me hostage. There shall be little chitter chatter until they are complete. Want to know what I be blabbering about...go here.

Lessons learned thus far:
1) Sprint type activities are perhaps not advisable when you are responsible for small people and animals. They simply do not understand and try to play with the yarn.

2) Knitting instructions are at times mind-blowingly obtuse. Take this whole slipping stitches thing. For some reason you are supposed to possess powers that allow you to know which way to slip said stitches under about 5 million possible scenarios without the specifics being stated. I now know that in an eye of partridge hell flap the slip stitches should be done knitwise if they are alternating with knit stitches or else it looks like a big square o' nothin'....or in my case half a square o' nothin' and half a square of pleasingly patterned knitin'.

Live and learn.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that too. Also, people are talking about doing a ktbl before the dropped stitches, but I figured since it wasn't written, I wasn't supposed to do it that way. Isn't that the point of making the "you must do the pattern as written" rule? Argh. Oh well - I'm not ripping it out now!!!

Dave said...

The general rule for slipping stitches is that if you are slipping them and then just going on to the next stitch, you always slip them as if to purl BUT if you are doing something else with it, such as using it in a decrease, you slip as if to knit. I have done many socks, and the eye of partridge is slipped purlwise.