Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hats for Alex

Have you heard about this project? I found it while following a link to a promising sock pattern for the Halloween Sock Swap. Anyway, led me a chase from Scout's Swag to Katydid Knits where I clicked on the button with the bright smiley baby face...

...and now OMG am totally crying my eyes out while showering my little guy with hugs and kisses after reading the story behind her cause here:



Long to short her best friend lost her 6 month old to child abuse at the hands of his day care provider December 8, 2005. To thank the hospital staff that lovingly cared for them all as he was fighting for his little life, they are knitting/crocheting hats. Last year Trillian collected 184 to donate in his sweet memory. This year she has targeted 250, but is less than half way there with only 2 months left to go.

Pull out the leftover yarn people. Baby hats are quick to work up.

They need to be machine washable and can be a range of sizes. Hats are donated to the Children's Hospital of Omaha. Deadline is October 31. Details are on the blog.

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mrswade said...

Um, I'm a crocheter. I've been wondering how I might join in on your rippleness. But this looks wonderful as well. I'm going to post about you bunch to my blog. Please check me out and let me know your rules.