Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Viva la Revolution!

OK, I have no idea whether that makes grammatical sense in any language, but you get the gist.

The huge-o-rama super secret I have been carrying all summer has cracked WIDE OPEN today. CrochetMe is back online with their new, super sexy beta. I have been puttering around in the behind the scenes alpha mode for a goodly while now's...this...this is going to be fun.

That is an understatement. Gross understatement of epic proportions.

Words kind of escape me.

There are people profiles and buddies. There are forums and messaging. There are patterns and tips and tricks. There are stories. It's no longer an "issue" format, but rather an open community for crocheters to share and learn and grow the greatness that is crochet in 2007.

Seriously, run now...and don't you go forgetting to give Kim's back a big ole pat.


TheBubbo said...

and again with the pants!
damned pants getting wetted

Dawn said...

watch out, i have diapers and know how to use them...