Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I rock! I ROCK!!!!

WOW, do I need to get out more. Catching up on all things CrochetMe, and I find out I missed this. The ever fabulous Kim Werker tagged me and I just find out about it NOW! I'm so embarrassed!

If I had those blushing emoticon thingies, I would plaster them everywhere. I would mutate it into the godzilla of embarrassment emoties and make it flash neon all through the background.

(who am i kidding? you know very well that would make me break out in hives or something)

Seriously, my spidey sense should have been pinging extra-overtime, no?

Well it didn't, so I now have the task of tracking down those I don't think have yet been tagged, but since I'm as usual late to the party probably have been long ago and are now so over it. Oh well, at least they will know of my unrequited love, and you get some new blog fodder . Here goes:

So, tag, you're it...

Sarah of Not Scarlett, best first swap partner evah. i heart her.
Stasia of Yarn and a Barn, who is living my secret fantasy life.
Heather of Mama O Knits Too Much, the wicked smarts behind CraftLit
Faith at The Needle and the Damage Done, once upon a time the Knitting Cook of my dreams

1 comment:

Stasia said...

You definitely DO rock, and I am honored by your tag! Thank you!

Tho' you will call my life a nightmare rather than a dream after you visit, methinks - hee hee! (Wait 'til you see what we've gotten ourselves into now...)

Thank you for your inspiration and your kindness. You are a bright spot in my life.