Saturday, August 09, 2008

Haitus warning

Dawn shall be out of communication with the web-osphere until 8/18. There shall be driving to Milwaukee. There shall be hanging with the kids at the in-laws. There shall be some kids going to Chicago with my sister while others stay with the inlaws while I go play with jenniethepotter in Michigan. So yes there shall be more driving. And more driving. And more driving. But there shall also be soap making. Sterling bracelet weaving. Hanging out with cool pottery and it's cooler potter. Hopefully a gala of March Hare fiber selling.

A few pictures to catch you up:

I finally washed all of my handspun. Luv it all.

This one is a mega 5 ounces.
I made this a bit ago. Great hair scarf in Summer Tweed.
Am taking UFOs with me. The Montego Bay scarf is very close. (really not a UFO, but it doesn't seem right to stop working on it to pick up something that has been sitting. first things first eh? why do i feel differently about this than i do abandoning a WIP for a bright shiny new project?) Socks need to be finished. Hopefully there shall be much to show you when I come home. have fun and play nice while I'm gone, ya hear?

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