Monday, August 25, 2008

More from Fair-y Land

Lest you think the fair was all about bacon, here's a bit of the artsy side:

Crop art. Look at the detail. All of this is made with seeds, legumes, other natural yada. Yes even this bike:

Do they do this anywhere else? Busts carved out of ginormous blocks of butter. In an equally ginormous walk-in, sit-in, carve-in rotating freezer. This is Princess Kay of the Milky Way during her sitting. Yes, she has a tiara. And a big satin sash.

Big fat pickle:
...and last but certainly not least: big fat fat in the guise of deep fried cheese curds. I wait all year for these lovelies.

1 comment:

mrswade said...

Those last two questions are totally not fair. You can't post pictures like that unless you make it possible to come through the screen and partake!