Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

Installation #1 in the "Things I bought at the Michigan Fiber Festival" series. We start with yarn. Both first time purchases for me...

Briar Rose Fibers. Words do not serve. At All. From the top = 2 hanks of Sea Pearl, 3 of alpaca, 1 huge hank of Grandma's Blessing. All on sale. This is what you get for being there before everyone else. :)

Yes, it is in fact Socks that Rock. All mill ends, which translates into MORE FOR ME! I ran the spectrum. A couple of lightweight, a silky and a heavyweight. We shall see what we see when I knit it...or perhaps I will be perverse and make a crochet wonder.

Stay tuned for the fiber version...batteries need charging.

Now sit firmly down.

I have finished something. Some somethings that have been sitting for almost a year now.

Basic socks with a Strong Heel. Love the strong heel. Quick as quick can be and no stitch picking up. You knit in increases as you do the heel flap...everything is one continuous piece. The pattern I used is here.

Next UFO up...the Family Adventure socks. Oh yeah, and in my finishing delirium, I cast on for a Tomten for #3. *blushes*

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Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Sounds like you liked the Strong heel. I do, too, especially for Noro yarn. But I thought Clickety Sticks closed???