Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knit Rant

Imagine a little cartoon me, waving it's little cartoon fist whilst jumping up and down in frustration, perhaps tossing things about, cursing the day the knitting came. Cursing the good hearted folk that push it so underhandedly in podcast land.

It is simply driving me crazy. My brain is in overdrive, trying in vain to plan 10 projects I don't really understand at once, railing against the fact that I'm very supply short. It is maddening to need about 5 million different sizes and shapes of needles to do this! Straights, circulars, DPNs, yarn holders. DAMN YOU KNITTING GODS! I want them all and I want them NOW!

On the plus side, it's quite fun to have new things to learn again. It's even giving me some ideas to try in crochet...bwahahahahaha!

So, here's where I am so far (minus the 10 things I've started on the wrong sized needles for the yarn I have because I can neither wait to try every new thing I come across nor can max out the credit card buying a complete set of Options and every bamboo straight and DPN my LYS carries. Lots of frogging. Lots and lots and lots of frogging.)

FO#1, the Orange You Glad scarf. Lambs Pride worsted saved from failed felted slipper purgatory.

And a close-up as I'm quite proud of my stitches. VAIN be my name.

Yet more rescued Lamb's Pride. Hopefully a hat to keep my ears from freezing off this week. It's the Oh LaLa Loopy Hat from Interweave Holiday Gifts 2006. Now I just have to get with the Knit coach to learn the DPN magic to finish it off and make the I-cord loopies.

And there's LACE. Or quasi-lace anyway. Go see it here, posted today, February 6. There's some crochet goodness along with it.

Links o' the Day:

Repeat after me. MELISSA IS A GODDESS. This is going to be sooooo cool, this is going to be soooooo fun. Love the Inner Child Crochet! I l.o.v.e that so many designers are starting to put it all in place for us. The gaps are starting to be filled in, and it's all good. This would be a great place to send newbies, and those hooked should RUN to check out the beginnings of her How to Design Tutorial. Very different and very promising. Can't wait to see how it develops.

SO has nothing to do with the yarnishness, but DID YOU KNOW DANSKO HAS AN OUTLET!?!?!

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