Monday, February 26, 2007

ripple, ripple, ripple....

It's actually not so much of a ripple as a chevron. A lattice chevron. The one from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet. One row of lattice, offset with one working even, so it does switch up a bit.

Oh, how I am very much loving this. It's so nice to have something working up easily, smoothly, mindlessly. I can just go and go and go and let my mind coast. Nothing to count, nothing to check on, nothing to screw up. (in other words, it's not my knitting!) Loverly.

Then there's the making something for myself part. I'm realizing that I don't often do that. Something that's just for fun and for myself. It's like one big treat. It almost feels extravagant, which is sad, but hey, it's where my life is at right now. The kids are little and they NEED all the time.

...and speaking of, I need to dash off for stories and bedtime and ignoring the dinner dishes so I can ripple some more!

1 comment:

nunnun said...

Hi! May I join you at the ripple-along? I just started on my blanket a week ago and I love it!