Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sock, sock, sock, sock

Obsess, obsess, obsess....ripple, sock, ripple, sock, ripple, sock...

What am I doing to myself?!?!? This is NOT good. I've made a deal with myself...sock during my naptime break, ripple while I catch up with Oprah, Lost, Grey's and Studio 60. OK, Iron Chef America and Ace of Cakes too, but that's where I draw teh line! The laundry MUST get done! Damn yarn!

Clap for me please, figured out how to turn the heel today...all by my lonesome. BEAM!

This is like magic. It's so cool.


Juanita said...

Good for you!
I hope to turn a heel someday but for now I can only do a 2x2 rib.
I love Ace of Cakes .

Oiyi said...

Rippling has taken over my life. I have a sock that I am suppose to be working on, but that will have to wait. I love watching the food network.

Original Ting said...

Hi Dawn,

Could I please join the ripple along? Hope it's not full - I have been thinking about an afghan project for a while now and then I saw yarnstorm's ripple crotchet and I'm hooked on the idea.

My email is


Lucinda said...

I just turned the heel on my very first top-down sock also! It's such fun to figure it out for yourself, isn't it? Your heel looks great!

Margarida said...

Olá Sou Portuguesa e gostei do crochet compulsivo,eu também adoro o crochet, preciso de sentir as mãos e a mente ocupada.
Não percebo nada do que escreves mas entendo o que fazes.
beijinhos da Margarida