Friday, February 23, 2007

On Stash Diving

Remember this?

Yep, it's the sad, sad now frogged remains of my sweet yarn that I had imagined making into a lovely Doris Chan creation that let's be real I would never wear even though I think the pattern rocks and it would be stellar worked up. Just. Not. Me. And the more I've been thinking about this yarn, the more I'm convinced it's just not meant to be a garment. While the tonal differences are lovely and that's what I love so much about hand dyed stuff, the end result all together drives me batty. Even worked alternating rows, which may I strongly opine is a pain in the you know where.

So, when this ripple thing took hold, I went stash diving. Strangely I thought I had little to nothing to work with. Guess I was wrong:

Yep, that's a goodly pile of various leftovers that coordinate roughly with the languishing sweet yarn I found at the bottom of the pile. The fates be smiling on me today.


(and go here to ripple along...hehe...)

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