Saturday, October 13, 2007

....I've been flanked.

It has begun.

I am not at all as in love with the yarn in pattern, but I have to say it does have a rather cammo-militia feel to it. No longer happy-joy-joy walk through fall in the upper midwest.

Oh yeah, and apparently my target hates brown.

Just perfect.

And I'm knitting my hands off, yet the baby's still sick (the diversionary attack to my very exposed mama flank), we're all going on minimal sleep and not only have some participants thrown the pattern to the wind and done the foot in STOCKINETTE, some people have their socks done already. Seriously.

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Cinnamonamon said...

I think your socks are lovely -- I LOVE brown! ;) Know what you mean about that Mama Flank -- my lil goober tricked me into taking a 2 hour nap with him on Saturday during prime knitting time. I lost all chance of getting them out that day. Ah well, we must spare the children when at war, right? ;)