Friday, October 05, 2007

This, that and the other...

So, it's raining. Again.

Meaning no power walk. Drat.

So, instead, it's bread day.

Oat Bran Bread out of Brother Juniper's Bread Book. Slow rise all the way baby. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I just love bread. Hence the need for the power walking.

Double drat rain.

Let's catch up on some projects shall we?

These are my sock club socks from September. Get to go show them off tomorrow morning. Wish the camera wasn't in full meltdown, the detail is so nice. Knit up in Cherry Tree Hill, very nice, enjoyed working with it. This is the first time I've actually completed a pair in the month they were meant to be...quite the feat given the month we've had and I've been like the proverbial headless chicken with a 30 pound toddler hanging off my left arm.

And a bit of gratuitous cuteness:
#3, the afore-mentioned 30 lb monkey, modeling one of the Strut hats I've made for a silent auction. Warning, SWS felts like a begeezus. This is the adult size after only part of one cycle. #3 is 20 months old. Must be the circles, or the clusters, cause it shrank much, much, much more than the bag did. Cute though.

Back to the oven. Oh how stereotypical can I get today? HA! I do have a few new cookbooks to tell you about too.

Gloria Steinem I am most certainly not.

(and now there's an elephant for there feminism in choosing a more traditional path, even if just for awhile. are we really a let-down to society? to our daughters? to our sons? or is there room for us too in the ever evolving image of what a strong, vocal, intelligent woman really is? there you go. discuss.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I CHOOSE to be traditionally feminine, too! People who are threatened by that (and I find that they are generally other women) should just make choices for themselves and not tell us that we are pathetic-frigid-50s-era-hot-dogs-in-aspic-apron-wearers just because we are fulfilled by taking care of family. Reference *Women's Work* by Elizabeth Wayland Barber: like it or not, "traditional" women's activities coincide with child-rearing which, call me a reactionary Jew or something, I think is best done by women. So. Um. I think you're right on track there, O compulsively-crocheting one; go bake some bread, darn it. And yes, #3 is very cute indeed.

mrswade said...

I used to be such a feminist (read: women deserve so much more in this world because we've been subjugated for so long). Now, I'm still a feminist (read: women deserve equal treatment). I think the path you've chosen is wonderful. I often think of what would be available to me were I to choose the same. There are moments at work when I know my daughter needs me and I want to cry because I'm certain I'm letting her down. There are moments I'm home with her and certain I'm letting myself and my job down. I want to balance both, I truly do. How successful am I? I can't answer that. Someday my daughter will.

eliyafa said...

I was once part of a conversation where an older gentlman made the comment that " So many talented smart young women are throwing their lives away sitting at home raising kids"..funny he should tell me at the time a full time mom of 4. Anyway I was real pissed and had to vent this too my dad who made the point that "If we didn't have a lot of talented, smart women willing to stay home and raise THE FUTURE GENERATION...then what will the world look like in a few years"?

Be proud honey, you are doing, what I feel, is the best thing in the world!

#3's a doll