Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mammogram, schmammogram...

OK, went for my first annual last night...prepared to wince appropriately.

He-llo. Big relief.

After breast-feeding 3 kiddos, that was NOTHING.

Let-down for the first few weeks...PAIN. (for me at and furious and curl my toes OUCHIE)

Nursing through a plugged duct...PAIN.

Flesh-rending baby bite...PAIN.

Mammogram...not so much. My favorite thing ever, nope. But I'll take that over a pelvic any day.


omly said...

Heh, that was totally me response when I had my first one this year too.

mrswade said...

You guys give me hope. I'll be "participating" next year in order to get a baseline. Maybe it won't be nearly as bad as I think!

Robin said...

I just had my first baseline one too a few weeks ago - nothing compared to the pelvic. BLEAGH on those. I'd rather do just about anything than that.