Monday, October 01, 2007

The baby stole me iPod

I think it's retribution for forcibly repossessing the teeny tiny Playmobil football he's fallen in love with.

But really, I can not find it.


I'm about to delve into the garbage.

Dear Apple, please, oh please invent the iPod clapper and retrofit mine so I can find it.


mrswade said...

I'm facing the same thing with a library book. Granted, not nearly as valuable as yours, but a pain none the less. Good luck!

TheBubbo said...

why did you repossess his little football? good luck finding the iPod. Mine was stolen out of my car the one time I forgot to lock the doors. Dang.

nuttnbunny said...

Delve delve delve!!!

Dawn said...

bubbo...said little football is all of 1/3 inch long. prime stick it up your nose or in your ear or somewhere else equally fabulous to a 20 month old. not. going. there. again.