Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Eye Candy Post

Lots of pictures for you...very few words. I'm foggy from lack of oxygen again me thinks...yes, #3 and I are apparently facing yet another bout of crud. Darn gooey germy "huggy mommy" demanding teething toddler!

I've been lax in picture posting, so here you go...eye candy. No pattern links now. If you see something you like, lemme know and I'll get it up.

The Mossy Cowl I made Icy for my mom.

The baby's Alpine Boots. (All 3 got pairs for the holidays, but I only have pics of these. My bad. I was just so happy to have them all done...)

Yes, one of the Ripple blankets has actually become a real, functioning blanket. Also for #3 for the holidays.

FINALLY something for me. Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Rainbow, worked up into Chloe Nightingale's big Bobble Headband.

Soaps in Sacks....or how I endured supporting my husband during the Packer's dismal playoff performance this past Sunday.

The first of 2 socks I promised #2.

...and because I don't have nearly enough to be working on right now...

...I started Secret of the Stole ii.

Yes, my name is Dawn and I fully admit that I have a BIG problem.


Karla said...

I love those boots. Hope you're feeling better soon.

knitfink said...

Gorgeous. I especially like the ripple blanket.

Yarn Thing said...

I love all the pictures. My favorite is the first one!