Monday, January 07, 2008

Finishalongapalooza, Stage Two.... apparently denial.

The frog pond projects have been dutifully liberated, are entered in my Ravelry Stash so I stay accountable to them, and are now in happy pretty balls residing in baggies with the patterns they hopefully will be worked into this year.

...but apparently I figure as long as I don't face the mountian of WIPs I unearthed it's ok to start more. Damn sock club. Just look what it made me do:

Mmmm-hm. That is in fact Chery Tree Hill Silky Kid, Peacock colorway. It totally doesn't suit the club's cable eyelet cable pattern this month, but who could resist??? So, I've found a happy lace pattern in Ann Budd's Knitting Socks and am into the first repeat.

Really. It's not that bad. If you consider that I already had the perfect squishy, quick to work up yarn in my stash:
(Dream in Color Classy in Beach Fog) Really. Don't look at me like that. Is one not allowed to purchase sock yarn at sock club with the express purpose of making this case just not the socks for the club.

So now I have a few more things to finish...who's counting?


Karla said...

Your work is so amazing. I love all the items you got finished. I'm sure 2008 will be a great year for you to finish off those projects (what's a few more?) Frogs will be hopping out of your pond in no time.

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Ravelry is awesome. I can't knit - but I love to crochet! I hate flickr (but it hates me too - so that is justified). I am on ravelry as practicalchick

nuttnbunny said...

Large style yarn!