Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, thoughts of sweet, sweet vengeance have filled my heart.

The brilliant powers that be that recently decreed that since pediatric decongestants do not actually cure the incurable common cold and some people apparently can neither read nor follow the very clear dosing instructions printed on the package...those powers that be that therefore pulled said decongestants off the shelves entirely, stating that home remedies are just as effective...those very powers that be need to be locked in a very small house alone with a very congested, goo dripping, not sleeping or eating because they are so unfalteringly stuffed up toddler for a week armed with only a steamy shower and a nasal aspirator.

My bet is pediatric decongestant would be back on the market pronto.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poo, Dawn. Y'all's home is just a morass of phlegm this winter. I'm so so sorry - the alpacas are looking in your direction (north) sorrowfully and murmuring Hmmmmm?

Jasmin said...

It's not just the pediatric stuff- my husband picked up non-meth-lab-by cold meds last year, and I felt like I was hopped up on speed.

I knit half a Lady Eleanor that day, but didn't get any better.

Are those "home remedies" they're talking about the ones where you douse the kid with booze so that they can sleep and get better? Sheesh.

Heather said...

While I'm all for the booze, I can't believe these morons. Hell, folks'll be overdosing their kids with Ecchinacea now...which is probably more dangerous than decongestant.
Don't you figure it's the parents who are so woozy at night that one gets up, doses the kid. Then passes out. Then the other parent gets up, doses the kid. Then passes out?
We solved that with a preemptive pour. If we get up and the cup is empty, then someone already dosed the kids.

nuttnbunny said...

I'll see your nasal congestion and raise you pinkeye.

Double whammy. Fer real.